Tenebrae Introduction

RF:	Tonight we are remembering the death of Jesus.
	This is not a happy topic, but without His death, 
	there would be no resurrection.
	So before we reach Easter, we need to understand Good Friday.		
	This service is loosely based on the Good Friday "Tenebrae"
	services that date back to early church history.  
	There are seven "shadows" that represent seven stages 
	of the Good Friday events. 
	At each stage, there will be some scripture read, 
	some thoughts shared, 
	a time of silent prayer, 
	and then a song for us to sing.  
	The scripture will consist of 
	an Old Testament prophetic scripture, 
	a New Testament scripture, 
	and the gospel narrative that describes 
	one of the Good Friday events.
	At each stage, a light will be extinguished, 
	until all the lights are off.

	This is a somber service, 
	with time for reflection on the sufferings of Christ.  
	We will be having communion after the readings are finished.
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