Tenebrae Good Friday Service

Tenebrae is a Good Friday service that is rooted in antiquity. The word "tenebrae" is Latin for "shadows", and during the service there are seven shadows by which we remember the death of Jesus. Several years ago I was inspired to design a Tenebrae service that was then performed at my church, and has since been performed at another church. In case anyone else wants to do a Tenebrae service, I am including the service I designed here, free of any copyrights (except for the copyrights on Bible passages and songs). Feel free to modify this service as the Lord leads you (e.g. you may want to change some of the songs). I have been to many different versions of the Tenebrae service, so keep in mind that this is just one variant and not the "infallible version". Designing this service was a blessing to me as I came to a greater understanding of the sacrifice and plan of Jesus' sufferings, and I pray that it will bless others.

This is the program that can be given to people who attend the service: Program.

This is some instructions on what is needed beforehand to put on this Tenebrae service: Preparation.

This is the detailed readings for those who perform the Tenebrae service: Service.

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